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"乃丨Ꮆ ᐯ丨匚ㄒㄖ尺ㄚ 尺ㄖㄚ卂ㄥ乇!" ― Big Chungus[source]

Big chungus in space jam 2

General Info

Big Chungus is the protagonist of the Big Chungus series, and has been in every game except the Chungus series.

He originally appeared in the anime Big Chungus X, and got his video game series started in 2001, which was a huge hit. He is mostly considered a video game character and not an anime character. He is a DLC character in Playstation All Stars: battle Royale 3 (2027)


Big Chungus was born in April 30, 1938 (anime) or February 8, 1987 (games) in Chungtropolis, ChungusLand, to two unknown parents. When he was just two years old, the great war happened, and he, his brother, Big Chunk, and his parents had to flee. His parents got left behind because they had to fight in the war. They left him to their good friend Donald Trump, to take care of him. They got trapped on earth, and eventually Big Chungus and his brother were able to get back to ChungusWorld.

When he got back, he defeated the evil Olmer Food, and that made him a hero. He and his brother did a whole bunch more good deeds and saving everyone and stuff.

Big Chungus died from Al G Rhythm Sacrificing his Life but he turns him into a god

Abilities/stat things

The Power of Uno: Big Chungus is one of the very few that are imbued with the power of Uno. He doesn't learn to use it for a while, though. He also has an Uno Reverse Card and Uno plus card.

Healthy Weight: He is very fat, but that is very healthy for a Chungus.

Chosen One: He is the chosen hero of all of Chungusworld, and is therefore often protected by the magic of the great ancients.


Big Chungus is a funny, friendly, generous rabbit. His friends like him (as a friend) and wish him the best of luck. As previously stated, he LOVES eating and won an eating contest against Goku, Mario and Garfield. (Probably, Paparazzi is cray-cray)


  • Confirmed by Looney Toons: World of Mayhem, Big Chungus and Bugs Bunny are 2 Separate Entities............ NOT!!!!!!!!
  • Confirmed by Space Jam 2 they're one entity